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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

Whats New?

New Builds

Even though HydroCAD-10 has been available for several years, that doesn't mean we're standing still.  In fact, we constantly fine-tuning the software, adding new rainfall tables, and expanding the library of supported chamber products and flow control devices.

These enhancements are available to existing HydroCAD-10 owner's by downloading the latest build.

If you're using an older version of HydroCAD (9.1 or earlier), you can purchase the HydroCAD-10 update for a special reduced price and get all the latest features today.

HydroCAD-10 marks our 25th anniversary, and this is our biggest and best update ever, featuring new rainfall options, synthetic rainfall generation, dam breach modeling, enhanced chamber modeling, new import/export options, direct CAD watershed import, and much more.  Details here.

Click for detailsHydroCAD-9.1 supports automatic watershed data extraction with Carlson Hydrology 2010.  This gives users a choice between integrated and stand-alone operation, while continuing to use the HydroCAD software they've trusted for over 20 years.  Other enhancements include filled culverts, expanded support for storage chambers and vortex valves, new rainfall definitions, and more.  Details here.

CULTEC is now distributing a custom 5-node edition of HydroCAD Express.  The software makes it easy to design and model underground storage and infiltration systems using CULTEC's broad line of prefabricated storage chambers.  Press Release.  CULTEC is providing the software free of charge on its web site.


The Northeast Precast Concrete Association (NEPCA) is now distributing a custom 10-node edition of HydroCAD Express.  The software, which features the concrete storage products produced by association members, was announced at NEPCA's annual meeting on January 13, 2009.  NEPCA is providing the software free of charge to all professional members of the association.  Details here.

Chamber wizard - Click for detailsHydroCAD-9 added lots of great new features including pump modeling, Darcy's Law exfiltration,  and automated layout of underground storage systems with the chamber wizard.  New reports include consolidated pipe listing, project notes, land-uses analysis, and pollutant loading by the Simple method.  Details here.

In addition to our traditional permanent license, HydroCAD is now available as an on-demand (metered) application.  The program is available through our partners at Cetrus, which specializes in pay-per-use software for engineers, designers, and scientists.  Details here.

CONTECH Stormwater Solutions has partnered with HydroCAD to provide modeling support for CONTECH's entire range of underground stormwater storage and infiltration products including concrete CON/SPAN and CON/STORMTM chambers, ChamberMaxxTM plastic chambers, corrugated metal pipe (CMP) storage, and StormFilterTM products.  Details here.

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