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Newsletter Number 9, October 2023

HydroCAD 10.2-3g Now Available!

Release "3g" is intended primarily to implement event-based P2 values.  This allows a different P2 value to be used for different rainfall scenarios, such as current vs. future conditions.  This capability is necessary in order to fully implement the latest rainfall requirements for the state of New Jersey.

Event-based P2 values can be defined manually on the Rainfall tab of the Settings/Calculation screen.  Just check the box for "Event-based P2", and click "View All" to enter a P2 value for each event.  (If the box is not checked, the project will continue to use a common P2-value for all events, exactly as before.)

Event-based P2 values are also defined automatically when using an event lookup table that includes multiple scenarios, such as NJ-2023-Rain, which was added in the previous 10.2-3f release.  If you are already using the new lookup table, you should import your rainfall events again under 10.2-3g in order to automatically define the correct P2 value for each scenario.

There have also been a number of other enhancements as detailed in the list of software changes.

Download the latest release here.

Previous Updates

If you skipped some of the previous updates, you'll also get these important new features:

Chamber support for Xerxes HydroChain(formerly marketed by Triton.)

Watershed import from BricsCAD.  Now you can import watershed data from BricsCAD Pro v.23.  The import process works exactly like AutoCAD.  When you install release 3, the setup program will now let you select BricsCAD as your default program for watershed import.  Give it a try with the "CAD Import Demo" that is preinstalled with HydroCAD.

Watershed import from AutoCAD 2024.  Of course, HydroCAD continues to support watershed import from AutoCAD, which is now extended to cover AutoCAD 2024.

Node Profile Reports.  Now you can get a profile (side view) of each subcatchment, reach, and pond.  This is especially useful for verifying elevation settings for storage definitions and outlet devices.  The new report is available on the Profile tab of all applicable node report windows.  You can even view a side-by-side profile of multiple nodes by using the node comparison report, as shown in the sample below.  Just select the nodes in the desired report order and click the tool button for the Comparison Report.

Other Enhancements

We've also added a number of new rainfall distributions and chamber definitions. Make sure you've got the latest data before you begin your next project!

There have also been a number of other enhancements as listed in the software change history.

As always, this update is cumulative: It includes all the enhancements made over the last year, including numerous improvements to the new license manager.  So we urge you to install the update at your earliest convenience.  As always, you can expect to get the same results from any of your previous HydroCAD project files.

You can download the latest release within HydroCAD by selecting Help/Check-For-Update, or you can go directly to the download page, which will always contain the latest HydroCAD release.

Don't forget to exit from HydroCAD!

With HydroCAD 10.2, it's especially important that you exit from HydroCAD before shutting down your PC.  Exiting from the program frees up your user count, allowing others in your organization to have proper access to the license.  It also updates the activity log, so you can accurately monitor your usage (see next paragraph.)  If you fail to exit from HydroCAD properly, you can release the user count by starting and stopping HydroCAD while using the same windows user name.

Monitoring your usage

Now you can get accurate information on your HydroCAD usage patterns, such as the number of nodes used, and whether you have enough licenses to meet your workload.  To get started, launch HydroCAD 10.2, and select Help/Dashboard on the main menu.  Now click the Refresh button to load the reports, which are shown on multiple tabs across the screen.  Click the Help button for a detailed discussion of each report and how to interpret it's contents.  Details here.

HydroCAD Owner's ManualHydroCAD Reference Manual

With HydroCAD 10.2, you can now get a copy of the Reference Manual from within the software.  Just click Help / Reference Manual to download a PDF version or order a traditional printed copy!

Are You New to HydroCAD 10.2?

We've heard your requests for increased license flexibility, and that's exactly what HydroCAD 10.2 delivers.  Under the new cloud-based licensing system you can install HydroCAD on any computers that are owned and managed by your company, regardless of location, and HydroCAD will automatically manage your usage, ensuring that only one person is using HydroCAD at a time for each license you hold.  This replaces the "license pooling" mechanism used in previous versions of HydroCAD, while requiring no special computer or network setup.

What about the license agreement?

The software license agreement has been revised to cover the new licensing system.  Please read the agreement to understand your rights and responsibilities when using the new software.

Consolidate your licenses

When updating to HydroCAD 10.2, customers with multiple licenses will notice that all their licenses have been automatically consolidated into a single license code.  But this only occurs if the licenses are the same node capacity, and are registered to the same location.  If you would like to consolidate your licenses from multiple offices, or with different node capacities, please contact tech support and we'll send you a detailed proposal.

For further information please see:

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