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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

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HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC

HydroCAD is the largest dedicated supplier of H&H software worldwide.  By staying focused, we are able to offer uncompromised capabilities that are unmatched in the industry.  With over 50,000 installations since 1986, HydroCAD is the leading H&H product worldwide.

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The company we now know as HydroCAD was originally established in 1977 as Applied Microcomputer Systems.  At that time, we developed custom software for technical and scientific applications.  Our backgrounds in physics, mathematics, and numerical modeling provided the tools to tackle a range of real-world problems to which the new microprocessors could be usefully applied.  Early projects involved the development of hardware and software for a range of microprocessor-based systems such as data loggers, exercise machines, music synthesizers, and telescopes.

With the introduction of early personal computers (but before the IBM PC), AMS developed a number of programming tools including graphics libraries, cross-compilers, and numerical simulators.

With the growing popularity of Hewlett Packard workstations among engineers, AMS developed a line of utility programs for these early "personal computers."  Training, consulting, and custom programming services were also offered to aid engineers in the utilization of these new tools.

In 1985, AMS began development of the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System.   Based on experiences with other hydrology software, it was clear that the traditional command-based programs were not adequate for the growing hydrology requirements faced by Civil Engineers.  With improving computational speed and graphics capabilities, it was now possible to move complex calculations from the mainframe to the desktop, and to provide new graphical interfaces to make them easier to use.

HydroCAD was introduced in 1986.  Initially developed on HP workstations which were popular with surveyors and civil engineers, HydroCAD was soon available for the IBM PC as well.  Since its introduction, HydroCAD has been constantly updated and improved, and we have focused our efforts exclusively on HydroCAD since 1990.

New OfficeTo meet the growing market for HydroCAD, ever increasing space was required to accommodate the sales, support, and software development operation.   In 1996, we began construction of new office facilities, which were completed and occupied in September 1997.  The office brought new capabilities for product support and enhancement, culminating with the release of HydroCAD for Windows in 2001.

Our office is located on Chocorua Mountain Highway (also known as Route 16) in the town of Tamworth, New Hampshire.  We are 120 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts, and 10 Miles south of Conway, New Hampshire.  We are just a mile from picturesque Lake Chocorua, which lies at the foot of rugged Mount Chocorua, in the White Mountain National Forest.

Since most of our customers know us as "the folks at HydroCAD", in 2004 we officially changed our name to HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC.  Our staff has remained the same, and the new organization has assumed full responsibility for the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System.

Since 2004 we've established strategic alliances with a number of organizations that offer complementary products and services, as listed on the Partners Page.  These relationships continue to solidify HydroCAD as the leading commercial H&H program, with over 50,000 users worldwide.

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