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Reg-U-Flo Vortex ValveHydro International Vortex Valves Supported by HydroCAD

HydroCAD provides direct support for modeling vortex control valves including the Hydro-Brake Optimum product line manufactured by Hydro International.  This product was formerly marketed as the Reg-U-Flo vortex valve.

Since Vortex valves have a unique "S" shaped stage-discharge curve which cannot be modeled with the traditional orifice equation, Hydro International provides an on-line design tool which can be used to generate a custom rating curve for any desired Hydro-Brake configuration.  This allows designers to evaluate the benefits of using vortex valves in their stormwater management systems, which can often reduce the amount of storage that is required to meet peak-discharge requirements.

Note: HydroCAD 10.0 build 22 is required to automatically convert rating curves to the units used in each HydroCAD project.  If you have an earlier version of HydroCAD, you must obtain a program update in order to perform automatic units conversion for Hydro-Brake rating curves.  HydroCAD 10.0 also includes a predefined library of Reg-U-Flo rating curves, but these are slated for removal in favor of the on-line design tool, which supports a wider range of Hydro-Brake models and sizes.

Modeling Hydro-Brake products

To create a rating curve for any Hydro-Brake product, use the on-line design tool at Hydro-Brake Optimum.

Step 1: Enter the "Design Inputs" for your desired vortex valve and click "Design Hydro-Brake Optimum"

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the "Design Outputs" and set the "Data Format" to "Generic CSV".

Step 3: Click "Generate and Email Files" to have the CSV rating table sent to your email address.

Step 4: When you receive the email, save to CSV file to any desired folder.

Step 5: In your HydroCAD project, edit the pond in which you want to use the Hydro-Brake and create a "Special Outlet" device.

Step 6: On the "Special Outlet" screen click "Load From File" and select the CSV file you created in step 4.  For large files you may be asked to "Continue loading?".  Click "Yes" as required.

Step 7: Set the desired description and invert elevation for the vortex valve.  This is the elevation at which water will start to flow through the device.

Step 8: Click "OK" and your HydroCAD outlet device is complete!  Continue to setup any remaining outlet and storage parameters for your pond.

For further details

For further details please read about modeling vortex control valves in HydroCAD and visit the Hydro-International web site.


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