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New Features added in HydroCAD-10

Our biggest update ever, featuring direct CAD watershed import, expanded rainfall support, dam breach modeling, and much more!

With HydroCAD-10, you can use local rainfall data from NOAA, NRCC, and other sources to define rainfall events, create IDF files, and even generate synthetic rainfall distributions. You can also import rainfall data from a TR-20 file, or use the expanded rainfall library and event lookup table.  Details here.

New outlet devices include tubes and siphons, float-activated valves, skimmers, constant-flow devices, asymmetrical weirs, and even a progressive dam breach starting at a specified time or WSE.

Watershed data can be imported and exported to CSV (spreadsheet) format, or you can directly import subarea data from an AutoCAD® drawing. Just map the subcatchments, soil groups, and ground covers, and import with a single click! You can even map land-use for pollutant loading calculations. And everything is built-in at no extra cost.  Details here.

The chamber library has been expanded and updated, with automatic handling of end-caps and pipe headers. We’ve also added new reports, a text/image node to let you enhance the routing diagram, an arch pipe lookup table, updated Owner’s Manual, and much more!  We've even expanded the license agreement to cover laptop use.

This is a must-have update for all HydroCAD users.  For a complete list of new features (it's pretty long and technical!) click here.

All new orders will be filled with HydroCAD-10.  For information on updating a previous version of HydroCAD, please see the update information page.

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Also see the new features added in the subsequent HydroCAD-10.1 release.

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