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HydroCAD-10.2 Storage Chamber Updates

In order to get the latest chamber data you must be running HydroCAD-10.2 release 5a

Please check your Help|About screen to verify your current release and compare to the list of changes below.  If you need a newer release please see the download details or order an update.

HydroCAD-10.2 adds support for the following products: (Follow the links for details on each product.)

ABT Permavoid 400 (added in release 4b)
ACF R-Tank renamed to Ferguson R-Tank (release 3b)
ACO StormBixx 1/2-height modules, up to 4 units high (added in release 2b)
ADS StormTech MC-7200 (added in release 2b)
ADS StormTech SC-800 (added in release 4b)
Cultec Recharger 300HD (added in release 5b)
Cultec Recharger 902HD v2 with enlarged end caps (added in release 5b)
EcoRain StormCrates (added in release 2g)
GoodFlow StormArc (added in release 4a)
Lane Stormkeeper (updated "version 2" data in release 3b)
NDS StormChamber (updated "version 2" storage data added in release 2b)
Ripple RainVault (added in release 5b)
StormPrism (SPEQ added in release 4b)
StormTrap ST1 (Discontinued in release 4b)
StormTrap ST2 (Renamed to "StormTrap" in release 4b)
StormTrap added SingleTrap 4'-2" and DoubleTrap 8'-4" in relase 4b
Triton S-29B (added in release 3b)
Wavin AquaCell (added in release 5a)
Xerxes HydroChain (added in release 3d, replacing Triton)
Xerxes Aquamod (added in release 4b)

For further details on chamber modeling please click here.

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