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HydroCAD Supports ACO StormBrixx

HydroCAD provides built-in support for modeling the ACO StormBrixx chamber system.  The StormBrixx system offers a unique solution for underground stormwater storage and infiltration that is cost-effective and easy to install.

ACO StormBrixx HD can be modeled with HydroCAD-10 build 17 or later.  Support for the "SD" product was added in HydroCAD 10.1 release 2.  Support for 1/2 height modules up to four units high was added in  HydroCAD 10.1 release 7b.  If you have an earlier version of HydroCAD, you must obtain a program update to get the latest StormBrixx support.

StormBrixx systems are constructed of a standard module which provides approximately 14 Cubic-Feet of storage in each module.  Modules may be arranged in different configurations to achieve any desired storage requirement, with heights up to four modules in 1/2 module increments.

Browsing the HydroCAD chamber library makes it easy to evaluate the exact size of the specific modules, and simplifies comparisons with other storage solutions.

Easy storage calculations

The HydroCAD chamber wizard makes it easy to layout and model StormBrixx systems.  After selecting the system height and layout, and the entire system is instantly sized and displayed.  For systems that will be embedded in stone, just specify the voids and thickness of the stone envelope and the total system storage is calculated automatically.

Flexible storage options

Each pond may include an unlimited number of storage definitions as required to describe its overall storage characteristics.  This makes it easy to model complex storage arrangements, such as a combination of multiple chambers, pipe storage, catch basins, or other contributing volumes.  You can even include above-ground areas, such as a parking lot, that may provide overflow storage for certain events.

Detailed StormBrixx information

For further details on StormBrixx please visit acoswm.com.

For more information about HydroCAD

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