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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

Pricing & Ordering


Most orders are processed within 1 hour of receipt, between 9AM and 5PM, EST, M-F, except for federal holidays.  License and download details are sent by email as soon as we process the order.  Orders placed outside business hours will be processed at the start of the next business day.  For fastest processing please submit all orders online.  If you prefer to order by phone please click here.  All sales are governed by the following Terms.  All sales are final.  No returns or refunds.

HydroCAD Permanent License  Complete HydroCAD systems start at just $295, and can usually be downloaded within the hour.   All programs include Quick-start tutorial, 400+ pages of built-in help, free email support, plus 90 days of software maintenance.    Click here for detailed product information. HydroCAD Software Update  Update to the latest HydroCAD-10.2 release 2b Update retains the same node capacity as your previous version, and includes 3 months of ongoing software maintenance at no extra charge.  Click here for update details.
HydroCAD Reference Manual  Printed copies of the new HydroCAD Reference Manual. (Softbound/paperback)  Click here for product details. HydroCAD Software Maintenance (Deluxe Support)  Extend or renew your software maintenanceClick here for support details.
HydroCAD Self-Study Course  Seven-hour online self-study course.  Click here for course details. HydroCAD Node Increase  Increase your Node Capacity for just $300 per step. Retains your current software version.  Click here for further information.
HydroCAD Semester License  Provides one semester of unrestricted HydroCAD usage for qualified students.  Click here for details. Reissue HydroCAD License  Lost your license and download details?  Click here for further information.


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