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Node Capacity

Understanding the HydroCAD Node Capacity

What Does "Node Capacity" Mean?

HydroCAD is available in various capacities ranging from 5 to 1000 nodes. This indicates the total number of subcatchments, reaches, ponds, and links that may be created and saved on each routing diagram.  (You can also open or create larger projects, but you will not be able to save your work.  This capability allows you to review projects that were created with larger HydroCAD programs.)  The node capacity does not refer to the number of HydroCAD users!

What capacity do I need?

While the 20-node program is our most popular, simple projects can be done with an inexpensive 5-node program.  Please see our worksheet to help you estimate the capacity you need.  Pricing for each size program is listed on the order form.

How do I Know If I Received The Right Program?

If you have a concern about the capacity of your program, first check the capacity displayed in the program title bar. This should match the capacity you purchased.

Expanding Your System

You can expand the capacity of your program at any time.  Orders for expanded capacity are processed promptly during business hours, and you will generally have the larger capacity available on the same day.

What happens when I update my program?

When you update to a new version of HydroCAD, you will always maintain the same node capacity as your previous program.  You pay for the extra node capacity only once, and not with each update.

My Diagram Still Can't Attain The Stated Capacity

If the initial screen displays the correct capacity, but you feel the size of your diagram is being restricted, carefully count the contents of your diagram. Looking at the entire diagram, count the number of Subcatchments, Reaches, Ponds, Links. As an example, the following project contains 15 nodes.

Sample diagram containing 16 nodes

The total number of nodes in each project is also displayed under View|Properties. 

If you do exceed the capacity of your system, you may purchase a "Capacity Doubler," or link several diagrams together as described here.

Special notes for HydroCAD-5.11 and earlier

Earlier versions of HydroCAD also consumed one node count for each secondary outflow from a pond, even if the outflow wasn't being routed.  This results in a node count of 16 for the example shown above.

You should also be careful not to route the primary and secondary outflow to the same location. This serves no useful purpose and consumes an additional node count. Since the outflow arrows are superimposed, the secondary outflow will not be visible on the diagram.

You can print a list of all nodes by selecting the "Routing List" option in the report generator. This will produce a complete list with all secondary outflows, including any that may be superimposed on the primary outflow.

To remove an unnecessary secondary outflow, move the cursor to the pond and select RENUM/REROUTE. When asked where the secondary outflow will be routed, select "nothing."

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