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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

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The HydroCAD Sampler is a functional evaluation program that lets you create and save projects of up to 5-nodes.  It provides most of the capabilities of a full HydroCAD program, but is limited to 60-minutes of operation per session (It can be run any number of times.)

The Sampler is ideal for anyone who wants to evaluate HydroCAD without purchasing a full program.  It can also be used to review any existing HydroCAD project.  The Sampler is also great for students and teachers.  Owners of a previous HydroCAD release can use the Sampler to evaluate the latest version.

  To get your free copy, visit the Sampler Download Page.

If you eventually decide to purchase a full program, you can install it right over the Sampler and continue working with any projects you already created.

Although we believe that HydroCAD is the easiest hydrology and hydraulics solution on the market, this is an inherently complex field.  The software is intended for use only by those with the required H&H background.  Others are advised to consult a qualified engineer for further assistance.

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