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Who should use HydroCAD?

HydroCAD is an easy-to-use tool . . . for a very complex field.

Although HydroCAD can eliminate much of the tedium involved in these calculations, it still requires that the user have a solid grasp of the problem they are trying to solve, and understand the tools they are using.  Except for educational purposes, this means that HydroCAD should generally be used only by a professional engineer (PE) with the appropriate prior experience in hydrology and hydraulics.

Although the HydroCAD software includes extensive documentation and support, this is focused primarily on the use of the software, and not on the exact manner in which it should be applied to real-world problems.  It is the end-user's responsibility to have the experience and background necessary to use the software in the correct manner.

From the Code of Ethics of the American Society of Civil Engineers:

CANON 2 :  Engineers shall perform services only in areas of their competence.

a. Engineers shall undertake to perform engineering assignments only when qualified by education or experience in the technical field of engineering involved.

b. Engineers may accept an assignment requiring education or experience outside of their own fields of competence, provided their services are restricted to those phases of the project in which they are qualified. All other phases of such project shall be performed by qualified associates, consultants, or employees.

c. Engineers shall not affix their signatures or seals to any engineering plan or document dealing with subject matter in which they lack competence by virtue of education or experience or to any such plan or document not reviewed or prepared under their supervisory control.

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