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HydroCAD Manual

HydroCAD Owner's ManualHydroCAD Reference Manual

Author: HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC
ISBN  9780913633168,  176 pages,  8.5" x 11.5", published 2020

The HydroCAD Reference Manual provides detailed documentation, including equations and illustrations, for all the calculations performed by HydroCAD.  Although most of the content is also included in the built-in Help system, we believe the printed page is still the best format for presentation and understanding of this technical material.

The Manual is a valuable guide for all HydroCAD users, and an excellent hydrology & hydraulics reference in general.  The 176-page book is organized into twenty-six major sections covering all the topics listed below.

How to get a copy:

The Reference Manual is available in two formats:

You can order the printed Manual through Amazon.com or directly from HydroCAD.

A PDF is also available on the HydroCAD 10.2 help menu.  For earlier versions please use your download email to obtain a copy of the manual.

HydroCAD Operation

bulletInstalling HydroCAD
bulletWorking with projects
bulletUsing the Routing Diagram
bulletWorking with Nodes
bulletEntering Your Data
bulletCalculation settings
bulletEvaluating Your Results
bulletPrinting Reports
bulletUnits of measure
bulletProject files
bulletData import


bulletA list of helpful references covering all the topics and techniques employed by HydroCAD.


Technical Reference

bulletUnits of measure
bulletRainfall data
bulletIDF library
bulletRainfall library
bulletSynthetic mass curves
bulletImporting rainfall data
bulletUnit hydrographs
bulletCurve Number
bulletTime of Concentration
bulletSCS Runoff Methodology
bulletSBUH Runoff Method
bulletRational Method
bulletReach Routing Calculations
bulletPond storage calculations
bulletHydraulics Calculations
bulletPond Routing Calculations
bulletWater Quality & Detention Time
bulletLink Calculations
bulletAdditional Hydrograph Calculations
bulletLand use analysis
bulletPollutant loading


bulletCalculation messages
bulletFrequently asked questions
bulletHydrologic soil groups
bulletRunoff Curve Numbers
bulletCN adjustment for AMC/ARC
bulletRainfall library
bulletSynthetic rainfall distributions
bulletManning's Number Tables
bulletBroad-Crested Weir Coefficients
bulletCulvert Entrance Loss Coefficients
bulletSheet Flow Roughness Coefficients
bulletKerby Retardance coefficients
bulletKirpich Adjustment factors
bulletVelocity Factors


bulletA complete Index makes it easy to find information on a specific topic.

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