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New Features added in HydroCAD-9.0

HydroCAD-9 Main WindowHydroCAD-9.0 adds a wide range of new reports, calculations, and operating features.  Click on the links below for further details.

New reports:

Underground chamber layout with cost estimating
Land-use analysis
Pollutant loading calculations
Consolidated pipe listing
Project notes

Calculation enhancements:

Arch and elliptical pipes
Pipe storage using box, round, arch, and elliptical shapes
Pump modeling and routing
Four-way flow splits (tertiary outflow)
Darcy’s Law exfiltration
Automatic curve number adjustment for unconnected impervious areas
Enhanced grate modeling with perimeter flow calculations
Expanded library of underground storage chambers
Additional rainfall tables, Unit Hydrographs, and IDF curves.

New operating features:

Underground storage wizard
Price list database for chambers and related materials
New Settings toolbar
Metered (hourly) usage option
New command-line options
HTML help for full Vista compatibility

CONTECH Stormwater Solutions has partnered with HydroCAD to provide modeling support for CONTECH's entire range of underground stormwater storage and infiltration products including concrete CON/SPAN® and CON/STORMTM chambers, ChamberMaxxTM plastic chambers, corrugated metal pipe (CMP) storage, and StormFilterTM products.  Details here.

Underground Storage Chamber Wizard

The new chamber wizard provides automated layout, modeling, and cost estimating for underground storage systems. Just pick the chamber and set the layout parameters. Or use preset layout values from the expanded library of 250+ chamber definitions.  Details here.

Chamber wizard - Click for details

Land-Use Analysis and Pollutant Loading

Each sub-area can be associated with a specific land-use and pollutant concentrations, allowing automatic land-use reporting and pollutant loading calculations based on the Simple method.  Details here.

Pollutant Loading Report - click for details

Also read about new features in the previous HydroCAD-8.5 release

Also see the new features added in the subsequent HydroCAD-9.1 release.

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