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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

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Buying Hydrology & Hydraulics Software

Since 1986, our primary objective has remained the same: to produce the highest quality software at a reasonable price.  As a result, HydroCAD is the leading H&H solution in the USA, with over 50,000 installations worldwide, and growing every day.  We invite you to read some of our customer comments and peruse links to customer web sites.

But choosing between the many H & H programs on the market is not an easy task.  And with a wide range of needs and expectations, this is definitely not a situation where one size fits all.  We urge you to shop carefully and compare before you buy.  We're interested in satisfied, long term customers (rather than quick sales), and this happens only if you buy the software that's right for you!

To help with your selection we offer detailed product information and even a free evaluation program that lets you try-before-you buy.  Although it's impossible to keep up with all the H & H software on the market, we can offer some general guidelines to help you compare your options.

Initial Purchase Price

Superior Pricing

HydroCAD was the first to offer a sliding price scale based on the complexity of the drainage systems being modeled.  This lets you purchase a complete system for $295 to $2395, with the ability to upgrade at any time for the difference in cost.  (No upgrade penalty!)

The basic $295 system is one of the least expensive on the market, while providing capabilities that match or exceed programs selling for up to $5,000.  Even our "average" $895 20-node program is a bargain in comparison.

Flexible Software Licensing

HydroCAD provides the most advantageous "simultaneous user" licensing.  This means you can install a single HydroCAD license on any number of computers in your office, as long as only one person is using the program at a time.  (We even provide automatic license pooling to manage the shared use!)  This provides a tremendous cost savings compared to buying a separate program for each computer or user.

Hourly Usage With No Up-Front Costs

In addition to our traditional permanent license, HydroCAD is also available on a metered basis.  With this option you pay just for the hours you use the software, with no up-front costs.  And you have complete flexibility to use the software on multiple computers at any number of offices.  Details here.

Ongoing Costs

Technical Support

We provide free web and email support to all customers - usually within the hour.

Each purchase includes 90 days of software maintenance including email support and free software updates, including any major updates that may be released during that time!

After 90-days you may extend your maintenance plan for a fixed annual fee.  Again including all program updates at no extra charge.  Or you can use our free email support whenever the need arises.

Software Updates

On average, we introduce a major update every two years, plus one or two minor updates in between.  These are not bug fixes (we don't ship sloppy code in the first place) but improved software that offers new features as requested by our customers.  (Beware of any vendor that offers, much less brags, about their frequent updates!)

Customers on software maintenance (see above) receive all new releases, including major updates, at no charge.  Others may purchase updates individually.

Ease of Use

Although direct software expenses typically receive the most attention, the biggest cost is the people who will use the software.  HydroCAD is a powerful yet intuitive tool that can save you countless hours in comparison to many other products.  And we back this up with comprehensive printed and electronic documentation, including detailed context-sensitive help for every function, screen, and report within the program.

Without a doubt, ease-of-use and the resulting cost savings is the primary reason that HydroCAD has been a leading hydrology solution since 1986.

System Maintenance

Another hidden cost is software installation and maintenance.  HydroCAD provides a simple 60-second installation that requires no technical expertise, yet offers additional controls for system administrators.  And HydroCAD makes no changes of any kind to sensitive operating system files or settings.

Fast, Efficient Software

HydroCAD takes less than 10MB of disk space when installed.  It's a fully-compiled native Windows application that gets optimum performance out of any PC with Windows 98 or later.

HydroCAD is written entirely in Delphi, one of the most powerful and stable development environments available.  Beware of applications written in older FORTRAN or BASIC languages, which often generate bloated code and slower operation, and may involve intrusive installations with troublesome system modifications.

Reliable, Dedicated Vendor

Over 40 Years of Software Expertise

We pride ourselves on being professional software developers.  Since 1977 we've been developing robust software for demanding technical applications.  HydroCAD is not a sideline run by a civil engineering firm.  It's our main endeavor, and it shows in the quality of our product and support.  About Us.

Responsive Customer Support

Call us old fashioned, but our phones are still answered by live human beings, ready to provide prompt solutions to your needs and questions.  We also respond to email inquiries at any time, and offer complete sales and support through our web site.

Knowledgeable People

We know our product inside out, so you'll get informed, accurate answers to all your questions, from "when did it ship?" to "how do I model my site?"

For Further Information!

Read some of our customer comments and case studies.

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