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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

Case Studies

HydroCAD Case Studies

Submitted by HydroCAD customers

Maguire Group, Inc.  Long-term experience with HydroCAD

McCrone, Inc.  Residential community design in Kent County, Delaware

Taylor Engineering Associates Lewiston, Maine Subdivision

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In the Press

Civil Engineering News
Hydrologic & hydraulic programs model increasingly complex stormwater systems

Erosion Control Magazine
Modeling for Erosion Prevention

Wetlands for Water Treatment and Erosion Control
Charting the Future - Modeling and mapping software and GIS use in erosion control

Stormwater Solutions Magazine
Chamber Modeling with HydroCAD

Journal Articles
Software Applications for Runoff Hydrological Assessment  UASVM Horticulture Journal (Romania)
Design of Integrated Bioinfiltration-Detention Urban Retrofits by William Lucas

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