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Starting HydroCAD

HydroCAD Startup

This document applies to HydroCAD 10.2 and later.  Please click here for earlier versions.

Starting HydroCAD

There are several ways to start HydroCAD:
    1) Click the shortcut on the desktop (created by the setup program)
    2) Click the HydroCAD item on the Windows Start menu
    3) Click on any HydroCAD project file (with an .HCP extension)

Entering your license code

The first time you run HydroCAD it will ask for your license code, which consists of your serial number followed by a string of authorization digits.  Your license code is provided exclusively in your download email.

Startup Issues

Missing Project Files

If your HydroCAD project files appear to be missing, verify the folder where you stored the files.  Although the sample files are stored in SharedDocuments\HydroCAD\Projects, you are free to store files anywhere you choose.  Searching for all *.HCP files will locate all HydroCAD projects on your computer.

Tip: To see the folder containing the sample project files, start HydroCAD and select View / Folder / Samples.

"Network files not found"

This message indicates that HydroCAD was unable to find a network installation of HydroCAD, which is sometimes used to share rainfall tables and other data files.  It is used only in special cases in order to use a centralized copy of special lookup tables.

To eliminate this message, select Settings|Network on the HydroCAD menu and click the Reset Folder button.  For further information about this feature, click the Help button on the same screen.

"Insufficient Access Rights"

This error has been known to occur if an anti-virus program is blocking access to the HydroCAD executable file.  Right-click the HydroCAD.exe file for further details and options.  There may also be an "Unblock" button in the file properties.  If you still have problems, temporarily disable you antivirus product or contact your system administrator.

Compatibility Mode

HydroCAD should not be run using Windows "compatibility mode".  Running in compatibility mode can interfere with certain HydroCAD operations, including the ability to access external applications, such as AutoCAD.

"Your HydroCAD installation is incomplete"

This message will occur if the program files have been manually moved to a new folder or computer.  To install HydroCAD, you must run the original setup program from the download.

If the error still occurs after running setup, make sure HydroCAD is not configured to run in Windows "compatibility mode."  To check these settings, right-click the HydroCAD shortcut and select "Properties".  Then click the "Compatibility" tab and make sure none of the options are selected.

"No default printer"

HydroCAD requires that a default printer be designated in the Windows printer folder.  If you still get this error with a designated default printer, your default settings may be damaged.  To correct the problem, set a different printer as the default and then re-designate the original printer.

Help links not working

Clicking a link in the HydroCAD help system will normally open that topic in the same help window.  If the new topic tries to open in your web browser (instead of the help window), this indicates damage to the HTML help configuration on your PC.  To correct the problem, open a command prompt and re-register the help system:

1) Select Start|Run and type c:\Windows\System32\cmd
2) At the command prompt, type  regsvr32  hhctrl.ocx <enter> and then  regsvr32  itss.dll <enter>
3) Test the help links again.

For further reading

Also read about HydroCAD installation and command-line options.

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