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HydroCAD Download Email

For each HydroCAD permanent license, individual download details are provided by email when your order is processed.  Customers on software maintenance (Deluxe Support) will receive updated download details by email as updates become available.  You will not find these private details anywhere on this site.  To obtain the correct download information you must locate your most recent download email.

bulletIf you cannot locate your download email, you will need to place an order to have the license reissued.  This is the only way to replace the missing information.
bulletEarlier customers may also have a License Certificate or CD sleeve containing this download information, but these items have been phased-out in favor of 100% electronic delivery requested by most customers.
bulletIf you are looking for the latest software update, and you are not currently on a software maintenance plan, you can place an order to purchase the update.

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