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Data Exchange

HydroCAD Data Exchange

HydroCAD provides a full range of import and export capabilities that make it easy to transfer common data with other applications.  These capabilities work with industry-standard file formats, without the need for special knowledge or programming capabilities.

For more comprehensive data exchange, HydroCAD also employs an open-architecture that facilitates data exchange with complementary modeling tools, mapping systems, or any other program that might generate or use common HydroCAD data.  This includes the ability to import complete watershed data by way of a HydroCAD project file.  All watershed and input data is contained in this text file, which can be generated from a terrain model or other data source, and then passed to HydroCAD for final calculations.  For further information please download a copy of the free HydroCAD Sampler, or send an email to    You may also download a sample project file here.

Become a partner!

If you have a product that can exchange data with HydroCAD, or provides complimentary capabilities, we invite you to join our partnership program.

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