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Exporting data from HydroCAD

HydroCAD 6.1 (and later) provides a wide range of new data export options, which can be broken into two general categories: (1) Exporting data for individual nodes, and (2) Exporting data for an entire project.

1) Exporting data for individual nodes

To export individual report elements, such as a summary or hydrograph, view the desired report and click the "Export" button.  Depending on the type of report, you can then select the desired file format.  With HydroCAD 7.1 and later, you can also right-click any report and select "Copy to Clipboard".  (For further details, read about Windows Printing Tips.)

2) Exporting tabular watershed data

HydroCAD-10 provides the capability to export complete watershed (subcatchment) data in tabular (CSV) format.  For details click the Help button on the Project|Export|Subcatchments screen.   A corresponding watershed import capability is also available.

3) Exporting data for an entire project

To export data for an entire project, several options are provided on the new Settings|Export screen.  The first group of selections are used to export hydrograph data in HCE format:

bulletExport All Inflow Hydrographs
bulletExport All Outflow Hydrographs
bulletExport Unrouted Outflow Hydrographs (commonly used for linking)

The second group is used to export data in tabular CSV format for use with a spreadsheet or database:

bulletExport Node Tables:  Generates one table for each type of node, containing a row for each node, and a column for each parameter.
bulletExport Hydrograph Tables:  Produces one table for each node, containing a row for each time step, and a column for each inflow and outflow hydrograph.
bulletInclude all Rainfall Events:  Causes the selected data to be exported for all rainfall events (as defined on the Settings|Calculation screen.)

The selected items are automatically exported when the project is closed. The resulting data files are then available for use by other programs.  For further details see "Export,Settings" in HydroCAD help.

4) Exporting data to an earlier version of HydroCAD

HydroCAD automatically saves each project using the earliest file format that is capable of containing the current project data.  This eliminates the need for a separate "Save As" command when moving project files to an earlier version.  If the earlier version is unable to read the file, HydroCAD will display the unsupported file elements.  Details here.

For further information

bulletRead about export file types.
bulletRead about printing options. (Such as PDF output)
bulletRead about importing data.

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