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Display Our Logo!

HydroCAD Authorized Service Providers (HASP)

Click for detailsEnhance your web site and let your customers know you're using the leading H&H solution!  Now you can display the HydroCAD logo (as shown at the right) on your "services" page, or any other appropriate place on your web site.

The logo is hyperlinked to a special page on our web site so customers can learn more about HydroCAD.  Click the logo to see exactly what your visitors will see.

How to display the logo

Licensed HydroCAD owners may display the HASP logo on their web sites under the following terms and conditions:

1) The logo may be displayed only by firms that own a valid HydroCAD license.  If you purchased HydroCAD from another party, please be sure to register your software.

2)  You must use the latest version of HydroCAD, and must obtain any newer version within one year of its release.  (Remember that customers on software maintenance will receive all new versions free of charge.)

3) The logo may be placed on any web page(s) of your choice, as long as they bear a reasonable relationship to the intended use of HydroCAD, and are not derogatory, profane, or otherwise inappropriate.

4) The logo may be displayed only by using the HTML code segment given below.  You may make minor changes to the code, but must (A) display the image directly from our web server and (B) hyperlink the image to the specified page on our web site.

5) You are authorized to use the "HydroCAD" trademark only as described above.  No other rights of ownership or usage are granted.

6) We (HydroCAD Software Solutions) reserve the right to revoke the use of the logo for any reason at any time, or to make changes to the logo itself as we see fit.

To include the logo on your web page, copy and paste the following HTML code in the desired location:

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