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Windows Support

Windows Compatibility Information

What versions of Windows are supported?

HydroCAD-10.2 has been carefully designed according to Microsoft and industry standards so that a single program can be used on all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows-7, Windows 8.x, Windows-10, or Windows-11.

If you are upgrading your computer to Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 or 11, we strongly recommend that you update to HydroCAD 10.0 or later.  Using an earlier version of HydroCAD on these computers is subject to certain issues as detailed below.

How much memory does HydroCAD require?

Disk and RAM requirements are very modest.  Basically, any system that can run Windows will run HydroCAD.

What about virtual environments?

HydroCAD will run on most virtual environments, as long as user settings (stored in HKCU) are retained between sessions.

What about 64-bit operating systems?

HydroCAD is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of all supported operating systems.  The same installation program is used for all environments.  All network and license management capabilities are included in the standard installation program.

98/ME/NT/XP Vista
10.x a a a
9.1 a See Note 3 a
9.0 a See Notes 2 & 3 a
6.0-8.5 a See Notes 1, 2 & 3 a

Note 1: Requires manual installation of 32-bit help system.
Note 2: Uninstall option is not supported
Note 3: HydroCAD Update strongly advised.  Read about "Security Considerations" below.


Security Considerations

HydroCAD 10.x supports the use of secured computing environments in which the user does not have write access to the HydroCAD installation folder.  All data files are stored in the designated Windows folders for application data and shared user data.

With HydroCAD 9.1 and earlier, each user must have full read/write access to the HydroCAD installation folder, which is normally C:\Program Files\HydroCAD.  To run HydroCAD on a PC that is fully secured, the administrator will need to provide read/write access to this folder and all subfolders.  If you do not have full access, Windows may display a padlock icon next to certain HydroCAD files and block access to those files.

Starting with Windows Vista, the new User Access Control system may also redirect user files from the global Projects folder and place them in a separate user-specific folder.  This causes the files to be hidden from other user accounts, so the files will seem to "disappear" if HydroCAD is started with a different user account!

To avoid these risks we strongly recommend that all users of earlier versions update to HydroCAD-HydroCAD-10.2 as soon as possible.  Even if you are not currently experiencing any of these issues, they can occur at a future time with no warning or obvious cause.  To ensure uninterrupted use of HydroCAD we recommend that you update before any problems occur.

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