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Why Update?

Update to HydroCAD-10.2 today!

All registered HydroCAD owners are eligible for special update pricing on the latest HydroCAD-10.2 release.  With HydroCAD-10.2 you’ll get tons of new features without losing any of the speed and convenience you’ve come to expect from HydroCAD. HydroCAD-10.2 can open any previous project file with exactly the same results you obtained before. And all the previous features are still right where you expect them to be, plus a lot more new capabilities.

bulletAll previous HydroCAD owners are eligible for special update pricing.
bulletUpdates start at just $98, depending on your current version and node capacity.
bulletDownload today and install in just 60 seconds.
bulletRuns on your existing PC - no changes or upgrades are required.
bulletOpens all your previous HydroCAD files with the same results.
bulletNothing to relearn - Same familiar screens plus lots of powerful new features.
bulletWhy wait?  There's simply no reason to keep using your old software.

For more information please explore the following resources:

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new features

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