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Training Videos

We're pleased to announce the availability of free training videos, each devoting 30-60 minutes to a specific HydroCAD topic.

These recordings are available on our YouTube channel, or by clicking one of the direct "YouTube" links below.

Other Training Options

In addition to recorded videos, we also offer a complete self-study program.


 Category  Subject   Video Title  and YouTube link
General Getting Started 101 Getting Started with HydroCAD-10  YouTube
Installation 102 HydroCAD-10 Installation & Network Operation  YouTube
Reports 103 Reports, Printing, & Data Export  YouTube
For Reviewers 104 Reviewing HydroCAD Projects  YouTube
Tips & Tricks 220 Tips & Tricks (HydroCAD-9)  YouTube
New Features HydroCAD-10.1 310a What's new in HydroCAD 10.1?  YouTube
HydroCAD-10 310 HydroCAD-10 Overview (what's new?)  YouTube
Runoff Rainfall Options 203 Runoff Modeling Part I: Rainfall Issues  YouTube
206 Using Local Rainfall Data  YouTube
311 HydroCAD-10 Rainfall Enhancements  YouTube
Ground Covers & CN 204 Runoff Modeling Part II: CN & Tc options   YouTube
Ponds General 207 All about Ponds! (HydroCAD-9, also see 312)   YouTube
  Pond Storage 202 Modeling Underground Storage (HydroCAD-9)   YouTube
411 Modeling Cultec Stormwater Chambers   YouTube
412 Modeling PaveDrain Systems   YouTube

413b Modeling StormTrap Systems   YouTube
  Outlet Devices 312 HydroCAD-10 Outlet Devices (covers all devices)   YouTube
315 Modeling Pumps in HydroCAD   YouTube
316 Dam Breach Modeling  YouTube 
(30 minutes)
410 Modeling Contech StormFilter (pending)
Other Calculations Conveyance 205 Pipe Modeling in HydroCAD  YouTube
  Land Use Analysis 304 Land Use Analysis & Pollutant Loading   YouTube
  Modeling LID Elements 303 Modeling LID elements  YouTube
  (porous pavement, rain gardens, infiltration systems, etc.)
Data Import Data Import & Export 313 HydroCAD-10 Data Import  YouTube  (including CAD import)
314 HydroCAD-10 AutoCAD import   YouTube
  Working with Carlson Hydrology 401 CAD Import with Carlson Hydrology  YouTube 


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