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Check Your Version

Version and Serial Number

When contacting us about an existing HydroCAD system we need to know the version and serial number of your program.  This information will help us provide you with prompt, accurate assistance.

There are two easy ways to find your version and serial number:

On the main screen when you start HydroCAD, as shown here:

In the page heading of any of your printed HydroCAD reports

In either place you will find a line that reads something like this:

       HydroCAD 10.10-3a   (20-nodes   s/n  001234)

  1. The first number (10.10) is the version number.
  2. The value after the dash (-3a) is the release or build number.  If there is no dash, you can find the build number on the Help|About screen.
  3. The next value (20-nodes) is the node capacity.
  4. The last number (001234) is your unique serial number

When providing your serial number, please do not use the additional digits (after the decimal point) that you used when installing the program.   This part of your serial number is confidential and should be safeguarded to prevent someone else from installing a copy of HydroCAD under your license!

Note:  When you first install HydroCAD, you will need your full serial number.   The full serial number contains additional digits after the decimal point which are required to install the program.  You will find your full serial number on your HydroCAD download email, License Certificate, CD sleeve, or Read-Me-First card.   Keep this information in a safe place.  You will need it if you decide to install HydroCAD on a different computer.  Click here for help with lost materials.

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