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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

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Do I need special training to use HydroCAD?

HydroCAD Owner's ManualThe vast majority of HydroCAD customers find they don't need any personal training in order to use HydroCAD effectively.

The software includes over 400 pages of on-line documentation, covering everything from basic program operation to detailed modeling information and reference materials.  In addition, the on-line tutorial includes lessons on a wide range of topics, from the basics of opening a project, to advanced tips and modeling techniques.

We also recommend a printed copy of the HydroCAD Reference Manual, which covers everything from basic theory through program operation and advanced modeling issues.  Although most of this information is also included in the on-line help, we recognize the advantages of a printed manual in certain situations.  A non-printable PDF copy of the Manual is also available in HydroCAD Reference Library or from your private download page.

These materials are supplemented by the HydroCAD Support Page, which is updated frequently with new information and modeling examples.  Together with direct telephone support, these resources meet the training needs of the vast majority of our customers.

What if I want more training?

For customers who want more extensive training, we recommend our self-study course, which qualifies for Professional Development Hours in most jurisdictions.

We also offer live web-based training, plus video recordings of previous sessions which are available for viewing at any time.

Due to the dispersed nature of our customers, we are no longer offering on-site training programs, in favor of the other less expensive training options discussed above.


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