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Symbol Size

What is the "Symbol Size"?

Symbol Size sets the diameter of all nodes in the routing diagram. The diameter is defined in the same units as the diagram X,Y coordinates. Increasing the symbol size will reduce the open space between nodes and make the diagram more readable. Decreasing the symbol size will leave more open space for adding new nodes.

How to I change the symbol size?

The symbol size can be changed on the Settings|Diagram screen.

Are there limits on the symbol size?

An upper limit is placed on the symbol size to ensure that the symbols do not overlap. A lower limit prevents the symbols from becoming too small.  The upper limit is automatically calculated based on the closest nodes in the diagram.

Why did my symbols suddenly get smaller?

When you open a file, the symbol size will automatically be reduced if HydroCAD determines that any of the nodes are too close together.  This can occur is you previously used a copy/paste operation and failed to move the new nodes further apart.

How to I restore the previous symbol size?

If you want to restore the previous symbol size you need to locate the closest pair(s) of nodes on the diagram and move them further apart.   Then you can set a new (larger) symbol size on the Settings|Diagram screen.

If you have HydroCAD 10.0 build 24 or later, click the Details... button on the Settings|Diagram screen for help identifying the closest nodes.

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