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Shared Data Files

HydroCAD provides several options for sharing data between networked computers.  There are also several different types of data that can be shared, and the best solution will depend on your specific needs.  Here are the basic options for sharing data, with the most common (and easiest) listed first.

1) Shared project files do not require any special setup.  Just save the HydroCAD project file(s) to a shared network folder, and they can be opened by any other computer on the network that is running HydroCAD.  HydroCAD automatically remembers the last folder to which you saved a file, and uses that as the default the next time you save or open a file.

2b) For custom data files (including rainfall, IDF, chambers, etc.) the files can be shared simply by placing them in the same folder as the project(s) that are using the files. This doesn't require any special configuration, since HydroCAD always looks for these files in the current folder before using the master folder.

2c) If you want to share custom data files that are used by projects in different folders, you can place a separate copy of each custom file in each project folder, -or-

2d) You can place a copy of each custom data file in the appropriate master folder(s) on each PC, such as Rainfall, IDF, Chambers, etc. -or-

2e) To avoid the maintenance problems inherent with duplicate files, you can setup a shared HydroCAD installation, and point each PC to that shared location. This requires installing HydroCAD on a server or other shared drive, but HydroCAD is never run on that computer - the installation is used only to provide the shared data files. For details please click the Help button on the Settings|Network screen.

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