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Modeling the Stormwater Buffer Zone in HydroCAD

The Stormwater Buffer Zone is a unique filtration product that can be inserted into a standard catch basin.  In a typical application, lower flows are highly filtered and passed to an external recharge system, while higher flows pass through a more coarse filter region and overflow to a normal storm drain.

Based on testing results from Alden Laboratories, engineers at SBZ and HydroCAD have developed a catch-basin node template that allows easy modeling of SBZ systems in HydroCAD.  After copying the appropriate node into your HydroCAD model, right-click the "pond" and use Raise/Lower to set the actual design elevation.  Route the primary outflow to your infiltration system, and the secondary outflow to the next node in your drainage system.

Stormwater Buffer Zone is available in various configurations designed to meet specific needs.  For details and node templates please visit www.stormwaterbufferzone.com

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