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Printing Tips

Windows Printing Tips

How do I put my company name in the report heading?

Use Print|Page Settings to enter your company name.

If the field is disabled, contact support to request a change to the company name.

How do I change the margins and font size?

You can change the margins by selecting Print|Page Settings.  With HydroCAD 6.1, this screen also lets you change the font, font size, and other report parameters.

Is there any way to print a larger routing diagram?

If you have a large format printer or plotter, HydroCAD should be able to print directly to that device using whatever paper it can handle.  Otherwise, many printer drivers now include a mosaic capability for producing oversized prints.  This option will appear on one of the "printer properties" tabs.

How do I combine several nodes on each page?

Certain report elements can be combined on a single page by selecting the "multiple nodes per page" option.  If this option is disabled (grayed-out), your current selections are incompatible with multiple nodes per page.  Remove one or more selections until the option is enabled.

Since "multiple nodes per page" is designed to produce the most compact reports, individual node summaries may be split between two pages when using this option.  If you prefer to avoid splitting nodes, do not select the option.

Note: For the most concise reports you can use the "Node Listing" option, which typically includes 15 nodes per page.

How do I print a report to a text file or spreadsheet?

With HydroCAD 6.1 and later, you can use the "Export" button to save any tabular report to a file.  Selecting TXT format will closely approximate the report you see on the screen, while CSV format lets you load the data directly into a spreadsheet or database.  For further details, please read about data export.

Another option is to use the Windows "Text only" printer driver to create a plain-ASCII report file.  To install the driver, use "Add Printer" and select the "Generic" manufacturer. (The graphical page elements are automatically dropped by the printer driver.)

How do I save a report as a PDF file?

You'll need a special printer driver called a "PDF writer."  Adobe Acrobat (about $250) and Nitro PDF (about $120) provide a complete set of PDF management tools, including the writer.  Other vendors such as CutePDF, PDF-XChange, pdf995, DocuCom, and Win2PDF offer a separate PDF writer for under $50, and some offer a free version which may be sufficient for limited use.

Can I print to an MS Word Document?

The best option is generally to print to PDF (see above), and then use a PDF-to-Word conversion program, such as Nitro PDF (see above).  With Adobe Acrobat you can also use File|SaveAs to save to Word format.

Another option is to use a specialized "printer driver" designed to print directly to MS Word format.  The LeadTools ePrint driver can handle a very wide range of formats including DOC, PDF, and HTML, but is somewhat more complex (and more expense) than most single-format drivers.

Note: Since Word files are generally much larger than the equivalent PDF file, Word format is recommended only when document editing is essential.  Otherwise, PDF format is generally the best solution for document transmission.

Can I export just the graphics to a file? 

HydroCAD 6.1 and later provide the ability to export any report or graphic to file.  Just display the desired report and click the "Export" button.  Depending on the type of report, you can export in BMP, EMF, WMF, TXT, or CSV format.  To export the routing diagram, select Print|Diagram To File.  For further details, please read about data export.

To export to other formats (such as DXF), you need to use a specialized "printer driver" designed to convert to the desired format, such as the LeadTools ePrint driver mentioned above.

How do I copy reports to the Windows clipboard?

With HydroCAD 7.1 and later, just right-click any report and select "Copy to Clipboard" from the context menu.  This will copy the current report to the clipboard, including scaleable vector graphics for all graphical reports.  (You can also Alt-PrintScreen, although this will always copy a non-scalable bitmap image to the clipboard.)  You can then use Ctrl-V to paste the image into another Windows program.

How do I print reports for several storms?

HydroCAD-7 (and later) can automatically print reports for multiple rainfall events.  First make sure you have the desired events defined on the Rainfall tab of the Calculations Settings screen.  You will then be able to select the desired event(s) on the Print|Report screen.

For earlier versions, set the rainfall for each event (one at a time) and then print the report.  The calculations are updated automatically before the report is printed.

When I photocopy a color report, I can't tell the difference between the graph lines!

For all 3D charts, the legends (from top to bottom) appear in the same order as the chart lines (from back to front.)

To get the best B&W copies, always copy from B&W originals using 3D charts.  2D charts are not recommended for copying, since they rely on color to distinguish the lines.  Color originals are not recommended, since the copier may see different colors as the same shade of gray.

How do I print B&W reports on a color printer?

There are three options for producing B&W reports on a color printer:

Option 1: Deselect the "Print in Color" option on the Print|Report or Print|Page Settings screens.  This will instruct the printer driver to substitute different patterns or shades of gray for each color.  (Note: This translation is printer-dependent, and may not be implemented in some printer drivers.  Be sure you're using the latest printer driver.)

Option 2: Examine your printer properties (in the Windows "Printers" folder) for an option such as "Print in Grayscale" or "Print in B&W."  This option will provide the required translation.

Option 3: If options 1 and 2 fail, you may need to print your original reports on a monochrome (B&W) printer, which will substitute appropriate patterns or shades of gray for each color, producing an original that can be readily photocopied.

Some of the lines are missing on my B&W printed reports!

HydroCAD generates all reports using a full color palette.  When using a monochrome (black-and-white) printer, the Windows printer driver converts the colors to a suitable monochrome rendition, often using various shades of gray or other printing techniques.  If portions of a report are missing, the printer driver is failing to convert these colors.  (This occurs most often with the Windows NT LaserJet drivers.)  To correct the problem obtain an updated driver from the printer manufacturer.

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