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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

Sample Pond #3

Sample Pond #3

This U-shaped pond provides a longer detention time during periods of low flow, by ensuring a first-in first-out flow regime.  This layout also allows the inlet pipe (on the left) to be placed close to the outlet control structure (right) without reducing the effective detention time.  For larger events the center berm is submerged and causes only a modest reduction in the overall capacity of the pond.  Although the submerged berm will allow the flow to take a "short cut" from the inlet to the outlet, this will occur only near the peak of a few large storms, so most of the annual flow should be subject to the full detention time.

U-shaped detention pond

The outlet structure is a riser with side openings and a culvert outlet.  (See photo below.)  The low-flow openings provide extended detention time for most events, and are surrounded by rip-rap to prevent blockage.  Larger events are controlled by the upper openings, and ultimately by the culvert barrel itself, which discharges into a second detention pond in the background.  For details on modeling this type of pond in HydroCAD, see sample pond #1.

Outlet structure  Riser interior during low flows

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