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HydroCAD Supports ECS PIPE-RTM Storage Solutions

HydroCAD provides built-in support for modeling the PIPE-R Reservoir System produced by Environmental Conservation Solutions (ECS), which recently acquired the product line from Plastic Tubing Industries, Inc (PTI).  The PIPE-R Reservoir System offers a unique solution for underground stormwater storage and infiltration that is cost-effective and easy to install.

ECS PIPE-R models  11W, 15W, 90, 424 and 1890 can be modeled with HydroCAD-10 build 20 or later.  If you have an earlier version of HydroCAD, you must obtain a program update in order to model PIPE-R products.

Note: Although models 424 and 1890 were originally supported in build 17, these chamber definitions were updated in builds 19 and 20, which is now recommended for all applications.

PIPE-R systems are comprised of pre-bundled units of perforated HDPE corrugated pipe.  Each model offers a different footprint, which can be stacked up to 7 units high to meet specific storage requirements.

Each model is supported by a separate HydroCAD chamber definition, which will be found under "ECS Pipe-R" in the HydroCAD chamber library.  After selecting the desired model, set the desired stack height up to 10 units high.

Easy storage calculations

The HydroCAD chamber wizard makes it easy to layout and model Pipe-R systems.  Just select the model and system layout, and the entire system is instantly sized and displayed.  For systems that will be embedded in stone, just specify the voids and thickness of the stone envelope and the system storage is calculated automatically.

Flexible storage options

Each pond may include an unlimited number of storage definitions as required to describe its overall storage characteristics.  This makes it easy to model complex storage arrangements, such as a combination of multiple chambers, pipe storage, catch basins, or other contributing volumes.  You can even include above-ground areas, such as a parking lot, that may provide overflow storage for certain events.

Detailed Pipe-R information

For further details on Pipe-R solutions, please visit www.pipe-r.com

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