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Moving to a new PC

Moving HydroCAD to a new PC

This page outlines the basic steps for moving your HydroCAD license to a new computer.

If your new PC is using Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or later, make sure you have HydroCAD-10 or later.  Older versions of HydroCAD will not function fully on these newer versions of windows.  If you have an older version you will need to purchase an update before moving the license to the new computer.

If you will be reinstalling your current HydroCAD software, make sure you have your complete HydroCAD serial number, as shown in your download email.  You can also view the serial number by starting HydroCAD and opening the Settings | Serial Number screen.

To move your HydroCAD installation to the new PC:

1) Remove HydroCAD from the old PC using the Uninstall option under Start|Programs|HydroCAD This will not remove any of your custom projects or data files.

2) Install HydroCAD on the new PC using the standard installation procedure.

3) Start HydroCAD on the new PC and enter your serial number when prompted.  (If your old PC was using license pooling do not re-enter the serial number - just click the "Network" button and select the existing license folder.)

4) Move your HydroCAD project files (with an HCP extension) from the old PC to the new PC.  If necessary, you can use the Windows search feature to locate all HCP files on your computer.

5) Move any custom HydroCAD files you may have created, such as rainfall or IDF files.

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