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National Engineering Handbook: Part 630 - Hydrology

Author: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Originally published as NEH-4 Hydrology by the USDA Soil Conservation Service (SCS)


"This section of the engineering handbook contains methods and examples for studying the hydrology of watersheds and for solving special hydrologic problems that arise in planning, evaluating, and design of soil and water conservation and flood prevention measures, including structures for water use, control, and disposal."


Part 630 is a "must have" reference for any engineer involved in hydrology.   While its size may be intimidating, it contains authoritative information on many central topics including:

bulletStorm rainfall data
bulletHydrologic soil groups and SCS/NRCS curve numbers
bulletProcedures for calculating time-of-concentration
bulletThe SCS/NRCS method for estimating runoff
bulletHydrograph routing methods
bulletStage-discharge relationships (hydraulics)

How to get a copy:

Please click here for the complete Table of Contents and a PDF version of each chapter.

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