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Muskingum-Cunge Reach Routing

The Muskingum-Cunge reach routing procedure was added in HydroCAD-8 so that a wider range of circumstances can be modeled with HydroCAD.  Muskingum-Cunge (MC) is the standard reach routing procedure used in the new NRCS Win-TR-20 software, and is increasingly used for modeling "long" reaches that exhibit significant storage or kinematic effects.

HydroCAD-8 provides the MC procedure in addition to several earlier reach routing procedures.  However, the availability of MC will probably make it the preferred method for all "long" reaches.  Although the HydroCAD implementation of MC is based on the same basic equations used in Win-TR-20, HydroCAD does not use the actual Win-TR-20 code, so some minor variations in results are to be expected.

Note: Reach routing is inherently more complex than many of the other capabilities provided by HydroCAD.  This procedure is recommended only for qualified engineers with the background necessary to fully understand this procedure and use it correctly.  While we will continue to fully support all aspects of HydroCAD operation, we cannot provide the entire background and basis needed to properly apply this procedure.

For further information

For further details on the MC routing procedure please see:

bullet"Muskingum-Cunge" topic in the HydroCAD help system.
bulletSection 18: Reach Routing from the HydroCAD Reference Manual.
bulletFlood Routing in NRCS Models by William H. Merkel, NRCS.  (Also available on the NRCS web site.)

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