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Modeling Marlee Float skimmers in HydroCAD

Marlee Float is a line of skimmer outlet devices, designed to produce a relatively constant flow rate regardless of water surface elevation.  When used as an outlet control device on a detention pond, this behavior increases the storage utilization, allowing the use of a smaller storage volume while still attaining the same discharge rate.

Designed and manufactured by SW FeeSaver of Greenville, South Carolina, the Marlee Float is available in range of sizes to suit a wide range of flow requirements.

Rating curves for Marlee Float "version 1" are included with HydroCAD-10 build 14 and later.  Rating curves for "version 2" will be added in HydroCAD 10.1 release 5a.

Modeling Marlee Float skimmers in HydroCAD

The objective of the Marlee Float skimmers is to produce a relatively constant flow rate regardless of water surface elevation.  This behavior is illustrated in the stage-discharge curves shown below.

The unique discharge characteristics of the Marlee Float are easily modeled in HydroCAD by using a special outlet device.  Rating curves are preinstalled with HydroCAD, making the modeling of these devices even easier:

1) Create a special outlet
2) Click "Load From File", open the Marlee Float folder, and select the desired model and orifice size.
3) Set the Invert Elevation to the water surface elevation where flow will start to occur.

Detailed Marlee Float information

For further details on Marlee FLoat skimmers please visit the product website.
A video demonstration is also available on YouTube.

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