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Multi-Event Links

Multi-Event Links

A link may be used for a number of purposes, such as importing hydrograph data from a file.  This feature is often used to interconnect several sections of the same project.  In this application, the data is communicated between the projects by way of an external hydrograph HCE file, which is managed automatically by HydroCAD.

Multi-event hydrographs can also be imported using CSV format.  This capability is based on a common tabular format, which is easier to create than the HCE format.

Creating a HCE link file

In most cases, HCE files are created automatically by HydroCAD when linking several projects together.  HCE files can also be created manually as described here.  Although the HCE format is very flexible and powerful, the CSV format is recommended when the file will be created by hand or imported from another program.

Creating a CSV link file

The CSV format is generally recommended when a hydrograph file is created by hand.  Each file can contain one or more hydrographs.  Starting with HydroCAD 10.0 build 3, a CSV file can also be used to import multiple events in a single file.  Details here.

Using your multi-event file

To use your hydrograph file in a HydroCAD project, create a link node and use the "File" option to select your HCE or CSV file.  The outflow of the link will consist of your specified hydrograph, and may be routed just like any other node.

Important: Whenever you use a multi-event link, the associated project must contain rainfall events with the exact same event names used in the data file.  The events must be defined on the Rainfall tab of the calculation settings screen.

Demonstration multi-event link

For a demonstration of the hydrograph import capability, and the features of each file format, see the Link Demo project that is preinstalled with HydroCAD-10 and later.

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