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Modeling Hydrovex flow controls in HydroCAD

John Meunier Inc. offers a broad range of stormwater products, including the Hydrovex line of wet weather technologies.  HydroCAD-10 now provides built-in support for the the Hydrovex BW - Bending Weir and Hydrovex Flap - Spring Loaded Weir, making it easy to simulate the behavior of these devices in a HydroCAD model.

The Hydrovex BW Bending Weir is a proportional overflow device which provides dynamic level control and efficient overflow capacity.  The Hydrovex BW is typically 2 to 5 times shorter than a traditional static weir for the same overflow characteristics. The Hydrovex Flap Spring Loaded Weir is a proportional overflow device used to optimize/increase overflow capacity while maximizing retention volume.  The Hydrovex Flap is typically 4 to 10 times shorter than a traditional static weir for the same overflow characteristics.

Modeling Hydrovex devices in HydroCAD

Due to the unique design of these products, a custom rating curve is required in order to accurately simulate the behavior of each model.  These curves are preinstalled with HydroCAD 10.0 build 13 or later, and can be used to define a special outlet device on a pond:

1) Create a Special Outlet device: On the pond edit screen, select the "Outlets" tab, double-click a blank line, and select "Special Outlet".

2) Click "Load From File" and select the desired Hydrovex product.  Separate files are provided to allow entry of the weir length in feet or meters, as shown in the screen shot at the right.

3) Set the Discharge Multiplier to the length of the weir.  The length can be entered in feet or meters, depending on which rating curve is selected, but it must match the units stated in the rating file.

4) Set the Invert Elevation to the WSE where the weir will overtop and flow will begin to occur.

The final rating curve can be viewed on the Discharge tab of the pond report window.  HydroCAD will automatically convert units as specified on the Setting|Units screen, allowing seamless use of any of the Hydrovex rating curves with Metric/SI or English/US units.

Hydrovex BW Optimum Loading

  L/s/m cfs/ft MGD/ft
BW-10 300 3.23 2.09
BW-15 450 4.84 3.13
BW-20 600 6.46 4.17
Hydrovex Flap Optimum Loading
  L/s/m cfs/ft MGD/ft
FSK-300 300 3.23 2.09
FSK-465 465 5.00 3.24
FSK-700 700 7.53 4.87

Detailed Hydrovex information

The table at the right provides the weir loading at which each model is most efficient.  For further details about the Hydrovex products discussed on this page please visit the Hydrovex product web site.

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