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International Use of HydroCAD

Is HydroCAD suitable for international use?

Yes.  Although HydroCAD was originally developed for the US market, the software has the flexibility to be used anywhere in the world.

Can I use Metric/SI units?

Yes.  You can specify the units for each project on the Settings|Units screen.  For complete flexibility, the individual parameters can also be customized.  Details here.

What runoff procedure should I use?

We recommend the SCS/NRCS procedure for most applications.  You can also use the Rational method when required.  Details here.

What rainfall should I use?

Most sites can be modeled with one of the standard rainfall distributions that are preinstalled with HydroCAD or available for download.  For other applications you can create a custom rainfall distribution based on local rainfall data.

What routing method should I use?

The default Storage-Indication method is universally applicable for pond routing.  HydroCAD has also adapted this technique to handle situations with tailwater effects.

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