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GeoStorage Corp. offers custom-engineered solutions for underground stormwater storage and infiltration that provide high space efficiency and easy maintenance access.

GeoStorage Systems are comprised of a large open chamber formed by geogrid reinforced stone walls within a lined excavation. The open chamber is spanned by a concrete roof designed to support HS-20 loads. Interior reinforced stone piers can be added within the chamber to expand the system. The stone backfill eliminates hydrostatic forces within the walls and also allows for additional storage capacity (40%). Geotextile liners can be utilized on recharge applications and geomembranes on waterproof installations.

Since GeoStorage does not employ prefabricated storage units, it does not appear in the HydroCAD's list of prefabricated chambers. However, a GeoStorage installation can be readily modeled in HydroCAD with the custom storage option, using the stage-storage data supplied by GeoStorage Corp.

Flexible storage options

Each pond may include an unlimited number of storage definitions as required to describe its overall storage characteristics.  This makes it easy to model complex storage arrangements, such as a combination of multiple chambers, pipe storage, catch basins, or other contributing volumes.  You can even include above-ground areas, such as a parking lot, that may provide overflow storage for certain events.

HydroCAD can also perform automatic embedding calculations to determine the combined storage of a chamber buried in a bed of crushed stone.  This makes it easy to determine the storage for virtually any configuration of storage chambers, without resorting to manual calculations.

Detailed GeoStorage information

For further details on GeoStorage solutions, please visit www.geostoragecorp.com

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