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Flow-Match Outlet

HydroCAD-10.1 release 5a provides a new outlet option for modeling automated flow-matching outlets, such as the Flood-Con automated control structure, shown at the right

This outlet device will match the specified reference flow, which can come from any node within the current project. This could be a link (used to import or manually enter the reference flow), or a complete watershed simulation (such as the pre-existing site conditions).

The outflow will also be limited by the fully-open dimensions of the device inlet. If the orifice/weir capacity of the opening (including any tailwater effects) is less than the target flow at any time during the routing, the outflow will be limited to that weir/orifice capacity. Otherwise the outflow will match the reference flow.

Because the discharge is not a strict function of the pond's water surface elevation, a flow-match outlet requires the use of a dynamic pond routing procedure. This also allows the outlet to respond to tailwater conditions created by a downstream reach or pond.

For details see "flow match outlet" in HydroCAD help.  Also see the "Outlet Examples" file that is preinstalled with HydroCAD.


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