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Sending HydroCAD Projects by Email

Sending a HydroCAD Project

To send a HydroCAD project by email, only the single .hcp project file is usually required.  If multiple projects are connected with links, then you should send the file for each related project.

Project files are generally quite small (under 1K bytes per node) and are readily sent as email attachments.  Follow your standard email procedure for sending a file as an attachment.

Note: Additional files are required only if you are using a custom rainfall distribution, unit hydrograph, units definition, or hydrograph import file.

Receiving a HydroCAD Project

If you receive an email with an attached HydroCAD project, you can open the attachment directly without saving the attachment.  However, if you intend to save any modifications, then we suggest that you save the attachment to the desired folder before you open it.


1) If the recipient doesn't have a copy of HydroCAD installed on their computer, they can open most HydroCAD projects by installing a copy of the free HydroCAD Sampler.

2) If you receive multiple linked projects, you must save the attachments to a folder in order for the links to function properly.

3) If you receive a custom rainfall distribution (.hcr) or unit hydrograph (.huh) file, you must save these files to your HydroCAD\Rainfall folder.  (In general, custom files should have unique names to prevent conflicts with any standard HydroCAD files.)

4) If a project uses a link to import an external (.hce) data file, that file must be saved to the same folder at the project file.

5) HydroCAD-5 (and earlier) cannot open projects created by HydroCAD-6 (and later).  Since HydroCAD-6 implements many new capabilities unknown to earlier versions, the files are not backwards compatible.

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