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Download Tips

Download Tips

This page contains tips and solutions for common download problems.  Please read carefully, and your problem will be resolved in just a few minutes!

1) Where is the download page?

There are different download links for each edition of HydroCAD.  Details here.

2) I can't access the download page

If you can't access the download page at all, make sure you used the correct link as contained in your download email.  The fact that you are viewing this page indicates that you have a connection to our web server, so the download link should work as well.

3) My login name and password were rejected

Be sure you typed the information correctly.  If you used copy-and-paste from your download email, be sure you haven't copied any extra spaces.  Be very careful to distinguish between any zeros (0) and ohs (o).

4) I get an error when I click the final download link

Make sure you're using an http connection not https.  Check you address bar and make sure it does not show https.

5) I still can't download the file!

You may have a firewall or other restriction that blocks the download.  You will need to contact your system administrator about these problems.

6) I downloaded the file, but I get an error when I try to install it

The file was probably damaged or truncated during the download process.  This can occur due to communications problems beyond our control.  Unfortunately, Windows may not issue a warning message, leading you to believe that the download was successful.

Check the file size to be sure it is at least 3 MB.  Anything less indicates that the download was interrupted before it was complete.  Delete the file, clear your browser cache, and repeat the download.  (To clear the cache with Internet Explorer, select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu, and then select "Delete Temporary Files.")

Make sure the digital signature is valid.  Right-click the file and select Properties.  Select the "Digital Signatures" tab to view the certificate.

7) I installed the program, but HydroCAD says "installation is incomplete"

Make sure HydroCAD is not configured to run in Windows "compatibility mode":  Right-click the HydroCAD shortcut and select "Properties".  Select the "Compatibility" tab and make sure none of the options are selected.  Please click here for help with other startup issues.


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