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Comparing multiple nodes

Multi-Node Comparision Report The Node Comparison Report which provides graphical and tabular comparisons of separate nodes.  You can use this report to compare two or more nodes in a single file, or to compare nodes in separate project files, such as the existing and proposed conditions for a site.

The node comparison report was originally introduced in HydroCAD 8.5, with the ability to compare hydrographs in multiple nodes.  The report was enhanced in HydroCAD 10 build 7 with the ability to compare node storage and water surface elevations.

Comparing nodes within a single project

First, you must select two or more nodes that will be included in the report.  Select the first node using a single mouse click on the routing diagram.  Then hold down the Ctrl key and click the additional node(s) to be included in the report.  When your node selections are complete, click the "Comparison Report" button on the toolbar to open the report.

Comparing nodes across multiple projects

Start by selecting the first node (with a single click) in the existing analysis. Then switch to the proposed model and select the corresponding node to be compared. Now click the "Comparison Report" button to open the report.

Node selection order

Starting with HydroCAD 10.2-3a, nodes will automatically appear in the same order they were selected.  This allows you to control the appearance of the report by placing the nodes in any specific order you wish, such as the flow order.  After opening the report, you also have option to switch to automatic node/number sorting, as used in previous versions.

Working with the node comparison report

Use the buttons in the upper-left to select a specific report, just as you would with a standard node report.  When viewing the hydrograph, you can use the drop-down list in the upper-right to select the specific hydrograph to be displayed.  If the graph becomes hard to read with multiple nodes, you may prefer to use the tabular representation provided on the Summary tab.

The buttons in the lower-right can be used to print or export the data in a variety of formats.  Please click the Help button for full details.

Other node selection techniques

In addition to Ctrl-Click, you can select multiple nodes by dragging a selection rectangle around the nodes.  Click on a blank area of the routing diagram at one corner of the rectangular area to be selected.  Now hold the button down and drag the mouse pointer, creating a rectangle that covers the desired nodes.  If you make a mistake, click on a blank area to deselect the nodes and try again.

The Node menu contains a number of additional selection options you may find useful.

Node Profile Reports

Starting with HydroCAD 10.2-3c, a new tab has been added that gives you a profile (side view) and each subcatchment, reach, and pond.  This is especially useful for verifying elevation settings for storage definitions and outlet devices.  The new report is available on the "Profile" tab of the individual report nodes and the node comparison report. This lets you view side-by-side profiles of multiple nodes, as shown in the sample below.  Just select the nodes in the desired report order and click the tool button for the Comparison Report.  Details here.

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