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HydroCAD-10.0 Storage Chamber Updates

The latest chamber definitions for HydroCAD-10 may be obtained by installing the latest build of HydroCAD-10.

Please check your Help|About screen to verify your current build number and compare to the list of changes below.  To get the latest build, please use your previous HydroCAD-10 download details.

The latest build provides support for the following products: (Follow the links for details on specific products.)

Cultec Recharger 150XLHD (added in build 2), Recharger 902HD (added in build 15), Recharger 360HD (added in build 24)
PaveDrain permeable articulating block mats (added in build 3)
Prinsco pipe storage (added in build 4) and HydroStor chambers (added in build 14)
Corrugated Plastic Pipe (single-wall HDPE - added in build 4)
Stormtech MC-3500 "c" (revised chamber storage data - added in build 5)
Stormtech MC-3500 "d" (revised end-cap storage data - added in build 12)
StormTech end caps (added in build 17)
CityGreen StrataCell (added in build 6)
ACF Environmental R-Tank (HD added in build 8; SD, LD, XD added in build 20)
StormTrap concrete chambers (ST2 added in build 10, ST1 added in build 19)
StormCapture concrete chambers (added in build 11)
Double-layer StormTank systems (added in build 12)
Haviland Smooth Flow pipe (added in build 13)
Lane HDPE pipe and StormKeeper chambers (added in build 15)
RainStore3 (added support for system heights of 16 and 20 modules)
Pipe-R pipe storage system (added in build 17 and 19, height extended in build 20)
ABT Permavoid chambers (added in build 17)
ACO StormBrixx chambers (added in build 17)
Triton chamber definitions updated to match latest Triton data (build 17)
PaverGuide chambers (added in build 18)
DeepRoot Silva Cell 2 (added in build 19)
Graf EcoBloc (added in build 19)
Baughman Tile Poly Smooth-Line (added in build 20)
Contech ChamberMaxx 2016 (updated in build 20) to allow for trapped air
StormChamber SC-44 (added in build 20, renamed to NDS-StormChamber in HydroCAD 10.1)
StormChamber SC-18 (added in HydroCAD 10.1 build 2.)
GreenBlue RootSpace (added in build 21)
Rotondo StormPod (added in build 21)
Atlantis D-Raintank renamed to Flo-Tank (build 21)
Shea dry wells and leaching chambers (added in build 24)
Pontarolo Cupolex and Cupolex Rialto (added in HydroCAD 10.1)
Xerxes stormwater tanks  (added in HydroCAD 10.1)

For further details on chamber modeling please click here.


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