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HydroCAD CEO Peter Smart & Carlson CEO Bruce CarlsonCAD data extraction is here!  With Carlson Hydrology 2010 and HydroCAD 9.1, watershed data can be automatically extracted from your CAD-based site plan.  Details here.

From the Carlson Software web site:

"Be in on the ground floor of this exciting news -- HydroCAD will be packaged with Carlson Hydrology 2009 thanks to a new alliance between Carlson Software and HydroCAD Software Solutions, LLC. Peter Smart, CEO, HydroCAD Software Solutions, LLC, will reveal this new alliance with Carlson Software in a class called HydroCAD Hydrology/Hydraulics in Session 3 on Monday, 2:15-3:45 p.m. He will present a brief overview of hydrology fundamentals followed by a presentation on HydroCAD, including flow analysis, reach design and detention pond sizing, for both surface and underground structures. HydroCAD links will be developed within Carlson Hydrology soon after the initial '09 release."

What's happening?

Carlson Software and HydroCAD have formed an alliance to deliver their products to a wider market, while developing enhanced capabilities for automated hydrology and site design.

Software linkages are under development that will allow data to be moved from Carlson's survey and civil engineering software into a HydroCAD model.  This will begin with basic watershed characteristics, such as sub-areas and curve number, and progress to all aspects of the watershed and drainage system.

HydroCAD will continue to be available as a separate product, and customers will have the flexibility of using Carlson and HydroCAD together, or continuing to use HydroCAD in it's traditional stand-alone mode.

What are the initial objectives of the linkages?

First priority is to extract subcatchment data:
    Delineate subcatchments in Carlson Hydrology
    Determine Tc based on slope & hydraulic length
    Map soil types and ground covers
    Export Curve Numbers and Tc to HydroCAD file
    Open file in HydroCAD to add reaches, ponds, underground storage, etc.

What if the data changes?
    Export revised data from Carlson
    Use Project|Merge to update HydroCAD file

What you can expect down the road...

Additional data will be exported from Carlson:
    Pond storage information
    Pipe networks

HydroCAD results will be exported to Carlson:
    Inflow/outflow hydrographs
    Graphics and reports

Integration and automation:
    Data will move automatically in both directions

Important Reminders

This is an alliance, not an acquisition. HydroCAD and Carlson will continue as separate companies. HydroCAD will continue to be sold directly as it is now, but the “Carlson Edition” will also be bundled with Carlson Hydrology.

HydroCAD will offer the best of both worlds: CAD integration plus the powerful stand-alone operation you currently enjoy.

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